Friday Night Planescape

To Hell and Back (Part 1)


A group of misfits team up and become the most unlikely adventurers their world has yet to see. A Minotaur shunning his own people for worshiping the Demon Lord Baphomet. A misplaced Drow acrobat. A troubled youth who found himself outcast from even the circus. An unassuming teenage Tiefling with a dark secret. And a loud-mouthed drunk who likes to punch people then laugh about it later while he gets them a drink just so he can punch them again later.

After intimidating a mob who wanted to run the party out of the town of Tipsy (it was funny to the drunken founders at the time) the party agreed to help a farmer named Ranph find his missing younger brother Cari who disappeared while exploring an abandoned wizard’s home, built
beneath a mound, not far from the town.

Reaching the wizard’s mound the party discovered the place to be long since empty and looted. Only the recent intrusion by Cari and his friends had disturbed the dust. Inside the party discovered the half chewed remains of a teenage girl, as well as the melting humanoids
that were the likely cause of her unfortunate condition. Later Matty “9 Fingers” nearly lost another digit to a very malicious bowl of porridge.

Also Zoren and Sheldon got stuck in a hole. And no they do not get experience for “defeating” the hole.

Exploring further the party found a secret door that had been likely found by Cari and his pals a few days early. Finding an unrevealed area of the house Matty managed to be the first to realize that a magic circle etched onto the floor was actually a lot bigger than anyone realized, and found himself sent straight to hell. The others, being the good friends they are (or perhaps just stupid?), blindly followed.

Hell turned out to be a quite miserable place, though Sheldon’s “passenger” found it somewhat delightful and cheery. Just a red wasteland of brimstone, smoke, and fireballs. The party quickly realized they weren’t alone and captured a Devil (not a Demon) named Halutzu and “persuaded” him to cooperate with their questioning. They were able to discover that the quickest way off of Avernus (wait… thought this was Hell?) was likely something that the mad witch might know. Oh. And they are pretty sure that Halutzu ate Cari.

The mad witch turned out to be an ancient human woman with a hatred for all things Devil and a magical mace that kept the creatures at bay. Unfortunately she was unable to give the group the information they needed but directed them to the Pillar of Skulls which would answer any question correctly should payment be provided. The old hag also refused to sleep with Matty, stating that there just wasn’t enough alcohol in all of Avernus (And let’s face it. Devil alcohol has to be some hardcore stuff).

Also including RP XP. Good job, folks.

5gp (payment from Ranph)
Healing Potion (found in secret brick)
2 vials of Holy Water (found in other secret brick)
Lice (Hitched a ride with Matty)



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